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Return to Shinar

Return to Shinar

Author - Don McGee

Return to Shinar

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Return to Shinar
Don McGee - Author

Shinar was the land between the lower deltas of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.  In antiquity it was an alluvial plain that was rich is agricultural production.  Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian, told of grain crops amounting to 200 fold in the area.  The result was Shinar became the destination of the post-flood human race.

The land of Shinar became a biblically significant place when Nimrod, a descendant of Cush, became its most infamous citizen as recorded in Genesis chapter 10.  He was known as a mighty hunter and also as a builder of cities, but he was an evil man.  He was a rebel against God; his family was known as being under a prophetic curse and was entirely without God's blessing.

The important aspect of Shinar, however, is yet to come.  The entire world is once again gravitating to the same area, but not because of anything associated with food production.  It has to do with a worldwide regime whose unprecedented power ill be rooted in economics, politics and religion.  As Shinar was in the days of Nimrod, so will it be in the days of anti-Christ.  Babylon, located in Shinar, will become the epicenter of every malicious form of economics and politics during the tribulation period.  And most importantly, it will be the seat of the most foul and vile religion ever conceived in the corrupt mind of man.

As a moth is drawn to a flame, so is rebellious humanity drifting back, seemingly mesmerized, to its poisonous roots.  In the post-rapture world, with God dismissed from the affairs of mankind, there is only one thing to do...return to Shinar.